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Our Approach

Our club is run and managed by volunteers, these people are voted in each year for specific jobs. We are a 'player first' club with all decisions being made by the players, from the big decisions down to the smallest ones.

Our secretaries and managers are here to follow through on the players requests, while at the same time offering advice through their many decades of experience & knowledge.

Full Support Staff

Holly Hinchey - Women's Club Manager

Khuram Chowdhry - Men's Club Manager

Ashley Ross - Men's National League Manager

Julie Andrus - Game Day Manager

Tony Hinchey - Women's Head Coach

Pentxo Cervantes - Men's Head Coach

Secretaries - Sufyan Iqbal & Michelle Mayor

Meet the people who keep the club ticking

Every year the following positions are up for election, and each position carries it's own responsibilities. Some are players, while others are strictly their for the love of the game.


Holly Hinchey

Club Manager - Women

Manager, player and coach - pretty much involved with everything.


Khuram Chowdhry

Club Manager - Men

Half agony-uncle half admin guy - helps to keep things running by using spread sheets & Facebook.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in joining either the men or women's team please send us an email by clicking the link on the side.